10 Practical Wedding Tips

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Practical wedding tips that can help you enjoy your day

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This is the first in my series of guest blogs from the wedding community, 10 practical wedding tips.

The guests that have agreed to share their knowledge with me are extremely knowledgable and gifted in their area of the wedding industry.

If you are just beginning your journey then you will want to follow my blog closely.



Please let me introduce to you Sam a very talented wedding planner based in Dorset. She has been running her business for years and has helped so many couples big day go to plan.

Sam, I would like to say a BIG thank you for agreeing to guest blog it has been lovely reading your 10 Practical Wedding Tips. I am sure my readers will find it very helpful on their journey.



Sam Savage, South Coast Weddings – Wedding Planners


If you haven’t planned an event before, undertaking a wedding can be a little overwhelming. We’ve put some tips together to make things a little easier for you.


This seems like an obvious point, however, it’s very easy to get carried away with items you’d like for your wedding and before you know it, you are way over budget wondering how you’re going to afford the wedding. This adds unnecessary stress to an already tense time.

Before you fall in love with a venue you can’t afford, work out how much you can realistically spend. Keep in mind that the most important thing is the marriage and not the wedding, so if you don’t want to go into debt for your wedding, keep things simple.

If you have your heart set on a venue/other supplier that is outside of your budget, consider giving yourselves longer to pay for it. So, instead of getting married in 12 months, you may need 18 months.

The other option is making a list of ‘must have’ suppliers/items and another ‘would be nice to have’ list. If you can’t afford everything, prioritise the must have list.


Before you start looking at venues, it’s a good idea to know your approximate guest numbers. There’s no point in trawling around tons of venues, as lovely as they are, if they can’t seat you all. It will also help you budget wise as you’ll know exactly how many people to get a quote for.


Good wedding suppliers get booked up far in advance, so if you have your heart set on a certain photographer, cake maker or florist, put a deposit down as soon as you know your date. A deposit will secure your date and you’ll have lots of time to decide exactly what you’d like.


This sounds obvious but make sure you read all of the Ts & Cs from all of your suppliers. Your venue may have a list of dos and don’ts, which may not fit with your wedding vision.


We can’t stress enough the importance of getting wedding insurance. This doesn’t only cover your wedding day, it also covers cancellations prior to the wedding day and other unexpected eventualities. There are various wedding insurance options available, which are so cost effective and could end up saving you thousands of pounds.


This doesn’t mean having to purchase expensive custom-made planning note pads and books. A simple spreadsheet with your suppliers, their contact details and when payments are due, is more than enough.

Have another tab on the spreadsheet to keep track of RSVPS and dietary requirements as they are returned. This will make it easier to email over to the venue/caterer when they ask for it, rather than having a last-minute panic and making mistakes.


Even though you will have spoken to your suppliers when you booked them about timings, things can change along the planning journey and you can forget who you’ve told.

It’s a great idea to do a blanket email a couple of weeks prior to your wedding date to confirm all of the details that suppliers need to know and provide them with a contact for the day of your wedding. You won’t want suppliers calling you whilst you’re having your hair and make-up done or having fun getting ready with the guys. They will appreciate it no end and it means you won’t have people chasing you one by one for confirmation of details.


It can be a lovely idea to think that you’re going to make all of your own wedding invitations and decorations and that you’re going to set up the venue yourself. In reality, we’re not all gifted with crafty genes or endless amounts of time on our hands! Be realist about what you can or would like to do yourself. If you don’t have people around you that are happy to make/do things, hire professionals and make your life a lot easier.

Keep in mind that it’s not just the setting up, you also have to take everything down at the end of your wedding day or the day after. We probably don’t need to tell you that there will be less willing people around to help the day after a wedding – everyone is happy to commit with a few drinks in them but it’s quickly forgotten after a few more!

It is lovely that family and friends are willing to help but think about whether you want them to be ‘working’ on your wedding day.


It might sound a bit militant making a wedding party plan/schedule, however, you have chosen your wedding party for a reason and they are there to help you. Giving them some tasks to do, and dividing up the to do list in the few days prior to the wedding, will be much easier than them blindly following you around or everyone just stood around whilst one person does all the work. Many hands make light work, as they say!


Plan for all eventualities. Think about wet weather contingencies. Think about what could go wrong and have a plan for it. The more you can plan ahead, as much as no one wants to think about ‘worst case’, the less stressed you will feel in the lead up to your wedding day.

We would suggest having a binder with all of your wedding information in, so if your bridesmaid needs to call the florist or your venue needs to find out where the centrepieces are, you can hand over the binder and not have to search through your emails trying to find information.


Hopefully, this list has given you some idea of where to start with your wedding planning. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, get in touch to find out about our wedding planning packages which range from Full Planning through to On the Day Coordination.

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