Daring to Be Different

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This week we have the lovely Cece from Dymond Shoes, I met Cece and her husband at The Wedding Showcase at Bath and West earlier in the year. I have a love of sparkles and a love of shoes so I just had to invite Cece to be a guest!


Would you ‘Dare to be Different?’

Cece Dymond, Dymond Shoes & Accessories


Here at Dymond’s HQ we have been busy lacing up laces, polishing pearls and gushing over all the Glitterati. Whilst I sit here adding rhinestones ONE AT A TIME to a custom coloured fuschia kitten heel (I’m not complaining. It’s my zen really) I do like to ponder about all the different styles my amazing brides have had me work on. Believe me, I have had projects from the very classy and traditional soireé to the All Out And No Limits Extravaganza – I’m talking a troupe of bridesmaids in their very own dazzling Austrian crystal WELLIES! Oh boy, I cannot wait to get hold of those photos!

When it comes to choosing your own wedding day design there is only one thing to remember: Your imagination is your only limitation! Trust me, if I can’t do it, I certainly know someone who can. I have seen it all. You’re biggest challenge will be honing in on your own style.







What’s your style?

When I got married – a million squillion years ago – I was shocked by the limited selection we brides had for those perfect shoes on our special day. Your choices were  “Classic, Ivory and Simple” or “Big-Spendy-Pricey-Ouch!”
There was no in-between. Over the years brides have become not only more daring in their chosen styles but far more resourceful. In all seriousness, how often do we really wear ivory as a general fashion statement? Yes, the All In White look is perfect for that dreamy fairytale facade we so longingly aspire to as we plan our One Big Day, but given what said big day starts adding up to, brides are now taking control of what constitutes wedding day appropriate footwear. And I for one am loving it! We are seeing bigger, sparklier and more extravagant designs than ever before. All I can say is “More! More! More!”







Never hide them away!

For a lot of us, our Wedding Day Self is very separate from our Everyday Self. We all want to be the best version of ourselves, that no other day could beat. So often we tone down our inner quirkiness and settle for a much more muted and diluted look instead. Well no more!

 At previous wedding shows, I have met some people (*ahem* Penny-Pinching-Grooms *ahem*) that just love to tell me “No one ever sees the shoes!” Well Mr. Penny-Pincher, that is very true: If your shoes are not attention worthy. If you opt for hide-away shoes, then yes, they will remain hidden away. Except for a brief moment of photographer attention during your ‘Prep’ photos. But what of the shoes that were chosen or designed by the avid shoe lover? Will she choose the plain and simple? Or will she opt for the pair that personifies her quirks, her likes and the very thing that makes her stand out from the crowd! Shoes can be as much a statement of fashion as any gown if you let them. And I have seen my designs on the bridal runway. You can’t outshine that sparkle, let me tell you.






Love them forever.

My favourite thing of all when it comes to brides who opt for the custom designs, from rhinestone adorned sky-scrapers to pearl encrusted trainers, to Mad Hatter heels and black lace knee-high boots (House of Elliott Collection. I’m fangirling hard right now!) The best thing is seeing them loved over and over again! They represent You and you can wear them anytime you want a little bridal reminder, a sentimental throw-back or because you went and got your very own, one-of-a-kind, fabulous pair of shoes! 


Dymond’s are forever 

CeCe x


“Shout Out” – House of Elliot Collection – https://www.houseofelliotcollection.com/

Photography – Your Digital Memories – http://www.yourdigitalmemories.co.uk/

Photography – Michelle White Photoghraphy – https://www.michellewhite.photography/

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