Wedding Stationery on a Budget

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Wedding Stationery on a Budget

You are working out your budget for your big day and everything has to be factored in. From the huge things like your beautiful dress to the wedding favours. Do you have a budget sheet?

There are so many aspects to think of and leaving one thing out it could really tip the scales. My main job is to help you with your wedding stationery. I can help you with everything from Save the Date cards to your Thank You cards. You might think that having bespoke stationery is expensive. Fear, not my prices start from £1.99 for an A6 (postcard size) with an envelope delivered.


Quality compromised?

Using only the best card stock for my couples I would never dream of cutting corners as I want you to be over the moon when you open your special delivery. My favourite to work with has to be Conqueror Laid, it is a textured stock giving a canvas feel. The envelopes are always matching and I use local printers to make sure the print is of the highest finesse.

Unless any special finish the finished design is printed and delivered within 7-10 days.


Other wedding stationery

When you think about the stationery that might be needed at the wedding reception venue it might include place names, seating plan, menus and table names. You might even want tags or stickers for your favours. Pricing can be a minefield for this. Or you might have thought about doing it yourself, are you handy when it comes to craft bits?

I have put together packages, for on the day stationery so you can budget accordingly, at the moment they all come with either money off or a free gift. Packages all include place names, menus, table names and a seating plan. Starting from £167.50.

All items can be purchased separately or ordered as add-ons.  

A Few Other Helpful Tips

Speaking with Rachel Hooper from RD Events she kindly shared her wisdom and experience on other ways you can be sure to keep everything undercontrol when planning your wedding on a budget.

There’s no doubt that wedding planning can be a whole lot of fun. However, when it comes to the cost you have to get serious. Your wedding is a day you’ll hopefully want to remember for the rest of your life, but you don’t want to be paying for it for the rest of your life!

Weddings can cost a lot of money so deciding what your priorities are is a good place to start. For some people it’s all about the food, for others it’s more about the location. You might not be that fussed about the décor but have your heart set on a live band so you can boogie the night away.

Budgeting is key. Start by making a list of everything you’re going to need to spend money on, include all the smaller extras such as the hen and stag do. Try to estimate what each of these are going to cost so you can come up with a rough idea of how much in total you will be spending. As much as possible, try and stick to your budget, there may well be lots of little extras along the way that you might want to add in but be realistic about whether you need them.


A few helpful tips on how to save money

  • Flowers and hiring a good florist can be really expensive. Hiring a good florist IS worthwhile and there are some wonderful, talented florists out there that can create the most beautiful arrangements. If you’re on a tight budget, hire a florist to create the bouquets and buttonholes but then when it comes to centrepieces and other decorative pieces, look into alternative cheaper options. One of my brides used miniature olive trees for her centrepieces, they looked lovely and cost a fraction of the price of a floral arrangement.
  • Call in favours! Pool your family and friends and think about what they could contribute to your day. The majority of the time, people are happy to help and contribute.
  • When researching suppliers, collect at least 3 quotes so you can compare prices. Be sure to check if they’ve included delivery, collection and VAT and find out when they require payment. Don’t be afraid to haggle. If you make reasonable requests, suppliers will often be willing to do you a deal.
  • Consider what your guests really care about on the day. The main ones are usually food and drink. Personalised favours and lots of decorations can be great, but they’re not always necessary.
  • Opt for a later ceremony and combine your reception and evening do. This means you will only need to feed your guest once. It’s a great way to significantly reduce the overall cost of the day and makes for a less formal, relaxed affair.



If you would like to talk further about any stationery requirements please feel free to drop me an email I will gladly help and if you are looking for other suppliers I have some great recommendations of some that I have worked with on numerous occasions. Have a look at the RD events Facebook page for more ideas on how you could save for your big day. 

Next, on the blog, I will be sharing some great poems on alternative ways to ask for money on your wedding invitations.