Wedding Trends 2019, Colours and Stationery

A Hidden Gem

Wedding trends 2019, what to look out for in the new season.

We are very nearly there! The evenings start getting lighter and the days warmer. I love Spring, everything is fresh and new, the colours are bright and lush. Time for a fresh start, let’s look at what is new for 2019.

I have been researching for you the new trends in 2019 for the new wedding season. According to the people in the ‘know’ of course the wedding planners. Where do we start the list is vast with ideas that could overwhelm, trust me the notes I wrote even got me!

Let start with colours because if you have colours you can start planning your theme right? Brit Bertino, a most sought after wedding and event planner gave us this little gem.

“The rose gold will still carry over to 2019 though, more silver and chromes seem to be the latest requests. Gold’s and Brass too! The purple hues from last season will continue on to 2019. It’s has been; and always will be the number one requested color for weddings.

We are seeing deeper wedding color themes instead of the traditional rustic, pastel theme. The deeper tones are a bit brighter too. An example would be Emerald and Merlot tones with accents of champagne. Jewel tones have progressively been making their way into wedding design, any various colors such as amethyst, rich magenta, emeralds, ruby and sapphire blues.

Depending on the season, the slough of pastel seems to be taking a back burner.”


I am very happy with that, as you know I love the Rose Gold! Also just because we are Pastel Designs does not mean the we stick to the pastels! We love colour!

Stationery, of course…

As we have seen with the colours this ties nicely in with the stationery, I believe the handmade designs are going to be replaced by contemporary designs, elegant and simple. Themed designs have always been good with the destination weddings or the love of Disney!

Florals, I think that florals will take a different approch to what we have seen of the past few years, with the simple designs an envelope liner can really finish a design and give it the wow factor. I believe the watercolours are here to stay again this year, I am forever receiving compliments on them, they are great to design too.

Personal identity in the shape of monograms, (totally up my street I love branding) already I have sent an order out with a personal logo, these are great as they can be used going forward on all stationery ever needed. Including announcements!

This year is going to be a lot of boundary breaking, using different mediums to write on from acrylic to natural products, petals, leaves and anything that you can make your own.

A Hidden Gem

What else…

With so much to think about when it come to planning a wedding I could go on an on for ages, I would have lost half of my readers so the best thing to do I thought is to create a Pinterest board dedicated to the 2019 wedding trends. Of course I will also be adding to the Instagram feed as soon as bits come through. We have some more styled shoots lined up so it is going to be a real visual explosion from Pastel Designs, but if you wanted to really see for yourself what I can create get in touch and we can design your stationery together.