When to send out Save The Date cards

Eeek… they popped the question!

First of all a BIG congratulations from me! How bloomin exciting! I love a celebration! One of your very first tasks is to send out a ‘Save The Date’, this guide will help you from when to send out Save The Date cards to little things that you might have forgotten. You are probably thinking I don’t have a style/theme how can I possibly do this? My suggestion is to sit down with a glass of wine and surf! Have a look on my website, any design here can be turned into a Save The Date. Failing that, have a look on Pinterest and get some ideas. If you have been dreaming of this day since you were a child then contact me and we can bring your dream to life.

You are probably wondering when to send the Save The Dates, who to send them to, follow on to get the answers to all your questions about etiquette concerning the first piece of wedding stationery you’ll send out!

Do we have to send Save The Dates or will Invitations do?

No, but your friends and family will appreciate the warning, they might be planning a holiday or an event. You might have pipped another bride to the post or another bride might not have booked their day yet. The main reason though is that everyone can join in your excitement and look forward to your big day.

When to send out Save The Date Cards?

Send out Save The Date cards a year to eight months prior to your wedding and the wedding invitations can follow eight weeks before your big day. Not only do some people have to make travel arrangements and save money, some guests will need to get time off from their jobs, arrange child care, and/or take care of other annoying chores so they can join you.

What if we are getting married abroad?

If you are taking it abroad and a destination wedding is on the cards, you should give guests extra notice by sending your save-the-dates out nine months to a year in advance. Better yet, as soon as you’ve chosen a venue and set up your wedding website, get the Save The Dates in the post! you will not hear any complaints about extra time to book flights and reserve a hotel room.

Who am I sending Saving The Date cards to?

Whoever is on your list! From great Aunt Maude to everyone on your B list. Remember though when you have sent them a Save The Date you need to send them an invitation be it an all day one or an evening one make sure to send it out!

Electronic Save The Dates?

We live in a world of amazing technology so why not send out electronic Save The Dates, in fact, why not cater for your whole wedding online, I have a simple package that might help if you want a simple easy to use online alternative. The reason that PAstel Designs is different you can choose to include a printed version for the guests that might not be online.

Does everything need to match?

Well, you could be asking the wrong person, I absolutely love branding! I think that once you have your style or theme then you should stick with it, people will be talking about you for years to come!

If you don’t have a theme yet then you could take something over to the wedding invitations from the Save The Date that could be on brand!

They are ready to send, anything else to think about?

Yor guests could be so excited that they might want to look at your wedding list, do you have this online? There are many shops that do this online, if not have a look at our wedding website, you can then keep it all under one roof.

There is an important thing to remember, this is your special day! You need to enjoy it, embrace the moment. You need to have fun and enjoy planning your journey.