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How I ‘did it!’

When I am at wedding fairs or speaking with new brides to be they always ask me ‘what was your wedding like? was it a big wedding?’ I have a little story there!

In 2000 I was just floating through life, having too much fun and no responsibilities! I worked in a factory and got paid a great wage for my age! I moved in with my friend who also like to party. We had a spare room and decided to rent it out. My friend said she had someone at work who was looking to move out.

It was a hot Easter afternoon I was catching the sun in the back garden with my bikini on and in walk this guy no t-shirt and jeans, blonde a six-pack (ish) and blue eyes! He asked where my friend was as he was going to move into the spare room.

That weekend there was a fair amount of drink consumed and lots of laughing! A week later we were doing the same thing, this time we were sat in a pub and he said to me ‘wouldn’t it be fun if we got married’, I laughed nervously and said yeah (I mean what else was I supposed to say?)

The next day he came back and said he had booked it! Booked what? The date!!! (Yes you are reading this, and not I was not pregnant, which is what his dad said to me after saying well you are not marrying him for his money).


12th June 2000

That was it, date set! now what! Floating my way through life again. We got a little serious, we bought rings! That was about it! We were both skint! We went dress shopping TOGETHER, I looked at lots of dresses in mid range shops (we are talking BHS, Debenhams) but I settled on a dress from Matalan, he had a suit from years before! as far as we were concerned we were set! We went to the registry office in the same car! We had about 10 people there, I mean no time for invites we married within 4 weeks! We had a family meal after and tah dah that was it!

Would I do it differently?

I don’t think I would you know! I really like the fact it was quick and not much attention on us. I do miss not having the photos to look back on, you will see the few I have and they are snap shots (before camera phones). The advice I would give my daughters is do what you want to do, it is your special day and if you want a big event, great let’s do it. It’s also great to just go off and do it the small and intimate way on a romantic island. Just be happy. ¬†

18 years later everything is fantastic and we are a happy family of four. Looking back 19 years ago I would have laughed in disbelief, if I knew how my life would unfold.

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